I feel that I’ve let fellow food-lovers down, not because of a lack of consumption, oh no. Twitter followers will have noted the big love for Lorraine Pascale’s recipes and my admiration for her array of always clean white shirts and tees. In short, I recommend the flapjacks, foccaccia and Doris bread. Tasty times! Here’s some goodies.


Wagamama Pork Dumpling Soup, it’s a special – let’s get it on the menu!

trotski and ash crumpets

Crumpets thanks to the ultimate recipe. Prepare ahead though peoples – and I mean before you make your dinner. Live it, learn it. Nobody wants a tired grouch because you stayed up late making crumpets. Rock’n’Roll!


Pizza night with a Christmas gift. Meat feast all the way!


A hint at what is in store at Found…