Gift Guide / For The Creative

So, you know what someone’s into but you’re just not sure what to buy.  For the Creative in your life we have put together a guide to get by at Christmas…

1/ Letterpress 2012 Calendar – £19.50

A feast for the eyes all year round – the Letterpress Calendars are an exclusive collaboration between Found and the talented illustrators Charlotte Trounce and Stephie Ginger. A3 size and hand-letterpressed in the U.K. they are limited-edition to boot!

Found CT Olympics found bath boutique designer top stella 50 telegraph

Found SG Jubilee found bath boutique stella telegraph top 50 designer

2/ Wrap Magazine – £9.50

Only on Issue 3, this magazine is a fantastic combination of wonderful illustrations and sharp interviews. And the best bit? It’s held together with elastic allowing you to wrap a present in one of the pages!

WRAP ISSUE 3 COVER lowres found boutique bath designer stella telegraph

wrap issue 3 presents found boutique bath designer

3/ Charlotte Farmer x Found Prints – £40.00

Whether you like your music analogue or otherwise, these prints are brimming with illustrator Charlotte Farmer’s signature style. Created exclusively for Found these prints, a mixtape, 45 RPM and the harmonicas are all screen-printed by the artist featuring silver highlights. Measuring in 25cms x 25cms they are the perfect size to gift.

charlotte farmer - harmonicas set found bath boutique stella telegraph

4/ Baggu – Duck Bags £25.00

Why use a pillowcase for stockings when you can use a Baggu Duck bag? As we noted when we used ours out in NYC, they really are quite the carry-all around town. Add to that their fit for a washing machine, they are equally good as an overnight bag, down the supermarket or at the beach (well, we can all dream can’t we?).

baggu blue duck bag found bath designer boutique stella telegraph top 50

5/ Lomo 35mm Cameras -£31.00 – £48.00

They’re fun, they use real film and they take some mean photos! In fact, what better way to record you Christmas than with this gift. Featured is the Oktomat which takes eight images simultaneously on one negative, meaning you can cut them down and share them out.

Lomo - oktomat found bath stella telegraph designer boutique

6/ Saul Bass Book – £48.00

A designer that really needs no introduction, Saul Bass is one of the great pioneers of graphic design. Whether it’s his famous movie titles for Hitchcock or his memorable logos for business behemoths like IBM this is a book that will keep your lap warm more than your table.

found bath saul bass book boutique designer top stella telegraph

7/ Field Notes Dry Transfer – £8.50

What better place to put your ideas than in a notebook you can label yourself? Field Notes are hit with our customers week in, week out and who doesn’t like to personalise their gifts.

field notes dry transfer found boutique bath designer stella telegraph top 50