Gift Guide / For The Foodie

For the Foodie in your life, here’s a few things that will treat them as well as the kitchen.

1/ Limited-edition Falcon Enamelware Sets – £54.99 – 64.99

There’s no getting away from the classic design of Falcon Enamelware, the fact that it passes down from generation proves its enduring quality in both material and design. But wait! For this Christmas you can mix it up with the limited-edition red exterior.

Falcon Pie set Red stella telegraph top 50 designer shop found boutique bath

2/ Letterpress Recipe Cards – £8.00

Ever find yourself collecting a tons of recipes ripped out of magazines, newspapers or printed from numerous websites? Hoarding them in one overstuffed cookbook ready to explode. Fear not! Here to help are these wonderful hand letter-pressed recipe cards.

found boutique bath concept store designer shop bath

3/ Ease Cookie Cutter Necklace – £120.00/£145.00

Okay, so technically you can’t use this for food, by heck is this a sweet piece of jewellery though. By Japanese designer Ease – who always has a twist on the everyday – the Cookie Cutter Necklace is mid-length pendant available in gold-plate and sterling silver. If bears aren’t your thing, and we can’t imagine why, cats and bunnies are available too.

ease big bear cutter gold found bath boutique designer stella top 50 telegraph

4/ Natthakur Sweetshop Purse – £35.00 (available in pink, gold and yellow)

What’s not to love about this Sweetshop Purse? Hand-crafted in England with British leather this series of purses plays nicely on the paper bags full of Cola Cubes we all ate as kids.

natthakur - pink sweetshop purse found boutique bath designer

5/ Recipe Tea Towels- £9.90

The ultimate in double gifting, we think giving the tea towel and making the recipe for the recipient is a pretty nifty bit of present buying.

bridget rice pudding 2 - tea towel found bath designer shop boutique stella top 50 telegraph

6/ Shinzi Katoh Mugs – £16.70

There is a lot of love for Shinzi Katoh, the Japanese designer who creates quirky designs through his illustrations. The mugs are where it’s at for us, mainly because as all foodies know, no cup of tea is compete without a cake, macaroon or a good old Rich Tea for which there is a plate incorporated. Nice.

shinzi katoh due mug found bath boutique designer shop