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Taro Gomi

As a kid a lot of my summer holidays were spent outside with occasional pit-stops  at the kitchen window ledge, whereupon a trough of orange squash would be waiting alongside a Club bar, or maybe a Breakaway. But the sun wasn’t always shining, and on those days if the boys wouldn’t let me have my go on the Scalextric I would draw or make – Fimo being a particular specialty. In fact for the other 345 days a year I would be found doodling away, an activity that is now sadly limited to phone pad scrawls. However, with the arrival of Taro Gomi’s postcards and Doodle Book that is set to change!

Just in time for the holidays comes a sketchbook to blow your minds. Taro Gomi is a Japanese illustrator who writes children’s books, having published 400 in his home country to date – impressive no? He may have written a book entitled ‘Everybody Poos’ but we won’t hold that against him. Instead we’ve featured this juicy tome that is a remarkable 1.2″ thick and weighs in at £10. Whoopla!


Gomi offers drawings and prompts preventing the inset of writer’s block.

taro speaker close up - found

taro book - foundIMG_1373

And as if to prove that there’s fun for adults as much as kids, check out Jane Aldridge’s efforts from her blog Sea of Shoes.

coloring taro - sea of shoes

colring - sea of shoes2

sea of shoes taro

Do you still draw? Or maybe you illustrate? Let us know.