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DP in the House!

Oh my days! The motherload has landed! Yes, we have our perfectly clean mitts on the first Deadly Ponies drop and by jove, it’s better than we remember. Handmade in New Zealand by the designer himself, this is no factory mass-produced nonsense. Each beautiful creation is part of the new Mr. Men family. What could I mean? Well, rather than being called Mitzy, Ethel and Bertha (seriously these are all designer handbag names not just a roll call at bingo hall) our little beasts have names like Mr Sling, Mr Flower Purse, Mr Snake Sleepover and my favourite, Mr Soulcatcher. They are all 100% leather to boot!

Enough talking – take a look!


Say hello to Mr. Snake Sleepover the ultimate overnight bag. Careful he doesn’t cheat on you with your friend (£305)


Morning Mr. Ribbon! A beautiful black cross-over bag / satchel in black with a metal and leather bow finish (£239)



That’s what a bag can do to a woman. We are now asking ourselves why we only bought one Mr. Bow Pouch in cobalt. Tasty and available in a smaller version too (£239)


Mr Sling Black is slightly on edge, but that’s ok because he’ll sit on your shoulder a treat. Soon available in cobalt, cameo and ivory. Oh la la! (£285)

Is it all about shoulder bags or are satchels the future? What do you think?

Today also saw the Mulberry merchandising team revisit the store to check out our fixtures. The cheek! Power to the independents we say. Vote different, vote Deadly Ponies!