Foto Club!

shulman - case study 22 - nytimes

So as many of you know, we are fans of the Lomo and all cameras that necessitate film, developer, stop and fix. Long live analogue we say! Rejoice in composing an image that will last forever! Keep your faith in photo albums resolute! Say no to unedited random snaps on Facebook from a gaudy night out!

It you too feel that film is the future and not the past, you should get involved with our new camera club. Whilst we work out the logistics of it all – let us know what you want, after all a club is only as good as it’s members. So what would get you to an after college/work club rather than watching Neighbours for the second time in a day?

Hit us back with your comments. Oh, and spread the word, this could be immense!

Image by Julius Shulman courtesy of nytimes