Go Hard or Go Home!

1/ Closer To The Edge


Samson, Cheryl Cole and Bill Beaumont. There’s no denying that there’s power in hair, facial or otherwise. Guy Martin, a TT racer speeds up to 170mph with his fellow competitors around the Isle of Man as part of the most dangerous road race on the planet. Seriously, people die every year loving the sport. Martin has chunky sideburns, he’s hilarious, he knows a man who almost taught his dog to talk and he hasn’t won a TT race, yet.

2/ The King of Kong

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When we lived in Auckland we had perhaps the best ever film selection from three cinemas; a large multiplex (best Pick’n’Mix), an independent with nine screens (best cakes) and a former porn cinema complete with velvet curtains (best alcoholic beverages). It was in the latter, sat in a full house with ten other people we saw this tale of old school video games and a trainee teacher trying to beat the world record at Donkey Kong. Gamers may not have been the cool kids at school, but they certainly know how to form an impenetrable clique – or do they?

3/ The Fighter

the fighter movie poster

As soon as you meet Micky Ward’s (Marky Mark Wahlberg) family you are rooting for the poor guy as he gets pummeled from pillar to hospital bed, but with a brother who beat a world champ, will he ever get out of his brother’s shadow? Come on Micky!

4/ The Mighty Ducks

mighty ducks

Emilio Estevez, hello nineties! A bunch of rapscallions lead by Emilio, a previous near miss hockey champ who missed his chance at glory, are coached to the final by the Young Gun himself. But can he face his demons and beat the team that have tormented him is adult life? Well, see for yourself.

5/ The Cutting Edge


By jove did I love this film as a kid, in fact it was a hard call between this and Strictly Ballroom. The bitchy, stuck-up figure skater paired with a belligerent ice-hockey player competing at the Olympics of course, makes this completely compulsive viewing.