Things We Like

I know that New Year’s celebrations are a great time to ponder on the successes, awkward moments and the strange kisses under the mistletoe of a year gone by, but how exciting to look at the fun to be had in 2011! The Found crew of two will be closed on Sundays throughout January and February which means we’re looking forward to not only T4 on Sunday but also some gallivanting around. Here’s a round up of our picks for next year.

lykke li - pretty much amazing

1/ Lykke Li live at the Brizzle Trinity Centre. Been waiting a long time to catch the funky folk goodness of this Swedish gal.

carey mulligan - charlotte vale tumblr

2/ Carey Mulligan’s next stylish encounters. Prada, Christopher Kane, Bottega Veneta, I don’t know who your stylist is girl but can’t wait to see their pickings next year!

lucy hutchings ss11 - park and cube

3/ Lucy Hutchings Jewellery, yes we’re very excited to be stocking Lucy’s irrepressible pendants next season, along with some pretty darn sweet cuffs and rings. Here’s a little look-see thanks to Park and Cube.

true grit poster - paramount

4/ True Grit. I’ve been informed that this is a remake, but heck I need only reel off these babies for you to go running to your nearest Multiplex, with a sleeping bag and start queuing. Jeff Bridges with an eye patch, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin as directed by <insert trumpets> The Coen Brothers. Boom! In the words of Westwood ‘If your car isn’t sitting on chrome, then you ain’t dressed it properly.’ Don’t worry Tim, this film’s got rims.


5/ Kitting out our new abode.