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For many January can be tough, it’s a long month and by jove the weather hasn’t exactly been too kind. But wait! What you doing rocking in the corner? Get your jazz shoes and listen up, we’re in sale! Yes, helping your pay check go further our womenswear is up to 50% off (I’ll shout out our ‘star buys’ next week)! And that isn’t the only good news. We’ve some new stationery lines in and some awesome badge cards too. Plus, so pretty incredible jewellery direct from Japan. All in all, we’re amped!

Here’s some more of our January recommendations.


1/ New Year Noodle Soup c/o 101 cookbooks

Now, this should come with a warning. Many moons ago, some girlfriends and I visited the kebab van post-night out and when asked ‘What vegetarian kebabs do you have?’ Your man replied ‘A chip pitta’. My friend unmistakably shuddered, ‘what? Double carb? No, thank you.’ I can also testify that a potato naan is also a carb heavy mistake. But you know what? This chickpea, lentil, noodle goodness is golden. Treat yourself on the stock front as not only is it a magnificent dish, it lasts a week.

the bees - every step's a yes

2/ The Bees – Every Step’s A Yes

They went missing for a long old time, but they are back and sounding as good as ever. Listen out for Winter Rose and Island Lover Letter.

3/ Reading

Eating, using, wearing your Christmas presents cuddled up on the couch is basically what January is about. Catching up on all the reading you never find the time for in December is the best winter activity, accompanied by a tipple of whatever still lurks in your drinks cabinet. Three months of newspaper supplements, two issues of three magazines and three new cookbooks with warm cider and green ginger wine sounds like a good night in for me. Did I forget the Quality Streets?

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Picture 3

Picture 2

Chateau at Saumur, Circa 1953 - life archive

4/ Planning for holidays

Having experienced a hot Christmas I can’t say I’d want to get back in my deck-chair anytime soon, but heck it makes you pine for warmer climes in the coming months. Say no to snow, say yes to Life Magazine’s online archives! May holidays!


5/ BAFTAs and Oscars

We like these because it means loads of good films will soon be coming out. I know I’ve already shouted out some of my soon to watch favourites (anyone know about True Grit?), but also Blue Valentine with Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling, The Fighter with Marky Mark Wahlberg need I say more and finally I will watch Winter’s Bone even if it feels like I’m never in the mood for it (add Doubt and Precious to that list too). Oh, and how can I forget the dresses on the red carpet!

Images courtesy of 101 cookbooks, the bees, life online archive, apartment therapy, guardian