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jean-paul goude - photo cover grace jones - inspirational imagery

Whilst researching some of the new books set to be published this autumn, I discovered this beaut: So Far So Goude. As a graphic artist/illustrator/photographer Jean-Paul Goude it transpires created seminal adverts as well as the iconic Grace Jones record sleeves, but most impressively practices still today shooting stories for magazines such as the New York Times and Vanity Fair. The prospect of such a landmark book I find really exciting. It’s really not that often that a monograph holds such varied material, and although looking through past works his signature wit and glamour successfully meanders through each piece, he doesn’t stick to stylistic templates that brought him fame.

jean-paul goude - harper's bazaar wild things monkey skipping - models dot com

jean-paul goude - Hello Dolly - new york times

jean-paul goude - grace jones negative

Some images are shocking, but never without recourse. Standouts include a twirling Azzedine Alaia and seeing Grace Jones perform in a bear costume. Masterful! But check out the quality of his commercial work too. Kodak and Chanel in particular (sidenote: Vanessa Paradis hasn’t aged a day. Props.)

The architectural shapes alone were influential as was his casting, and wow was there a huge surge in French contemporary choreography too.