Festive Spirit

As the sun streams through the shop, momentarily warming up my left sleeve it’s easy to forget we’re under two weeks from Christmas and that it has otherwise been raining intermittently over the last month. We may not have a tree up at home, but in a very nineties way I reckon ‘twigs’ will be our thang.

twigs fluro - sonia pell

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In the festive spirit or all things sparkly and Christmas these nails are neat on the glitter stakes. For the gals who hit up the nail salon, you should definitely watch this too. Fun.ny.

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Making mixtapes and playlists are big on my list of amusement. Why, oh why did we stop? Because they take forever that’s why. But heck, it’s coming up to Christmas and when there’s only repeats of The Big Bang Theory on the television.

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Eating and drinking, obviously. And more specifically Elly’s Hawksmoor recipe, Mulled Cider and stew with dumplings. Plus several batches of these (although how good do these Peanut Butter Brownies look?).

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Watching New Girl. Although I do feel it should come with a caveat. The really guy from the first episode? Coach? Yep, he’s going so don’t cling on to that dream. The opening titles, they don’t grow on you at all. But, the episodes do get better, a lot better and Schmidt is a legend. We should all celebrate success with Parkour, surely?

Images courtesy of  Yimmyyayo blog, Sania Pell via Decor8, Abigail Ahern, Pinch of Yum