Just read this article on the state of music videos today. If you also used to look forward to Saturdays because of The Chart Show, then you will certainly agree with the argument that really it’s taken youtube to relaunch interest in videos not the dirge of music channels on digital. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a music video on half those channels, MTV being the worst – Jersey Shore anyone?

But hey, you don’t have to hark back. Check out Partizan for some of the most interesting promos around – Kinga Burza and Saam being our favourites. I’m not sure what Klaxons are up to but the promos they’ve made so far are pretty immense. Some choice viewing below:

Aren’t giant pineapples great? It may not be new, but I’d forgotten how good this song is.

A nice take on a music festival. No running to camera with a beer bong here.

And finally – is this for real?

Courtesy of vimeo and youtube